Ways to Help


General Donation

Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what enables us to deliver life transforming services to the poorest areas of our planet.  You can donate by clicking on Donate. You may also mail a personal check addressed to GIFT  at  P O Box 5444, Sherman Oaks, California 91413, United States. All monetary donations are tax deductible.


Become A School Sponsor

School Sponsorship is a unique kind of empowerment program that connects one child in need with one compassionate donor who agrees to pay School Tuition Expenses for a year for the child! Becoming a sponsor means giving children the chance to grow up safe, educated and empowered – forever changing their life and future. When you become a sponsor, GIFT does not give your donation directly to your sponsored child. If you pay School Sponsorship for the entire year, the money is paid to the school for the sponsored child. If you chose to make a partial payment or a smaller amount towards our School Sponsorship Program, we combine your donation with the support of other sponsors to help support educational projects in your sponsored child’s community.    


Back To School Resource Fair



One of the country’s most innovative event and a much-needed part of any community, Back-to-School Resource Fair provides underserved children and youths with the tools essential for school success including but not limited to medical, dental, developmental, mental health screenings, educational workshops to improve overall health and wellness, signature backpack giveaway and fun activities including self-defense classes to boost self-confidence, bouncy house, live music, and food trucks. Additionally, there is a raffle that will includes an iPad, printers and more. The event is also an opportunity for the parents to meet with representatives from the State, County, City and other nonprofit organizations to learn about valuable programs and services for their family. 




Studentpreneur Program| Mentorship| Vocational Training

The Studentpreneur program teaches and inspires young people to take control of their future by creating companies that provide long-lasting employment through ambitious and creative thinking. This program has students graduate high school “innovation ready” -- with critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills that help them invent their careers. GIFT’s engagement with community leaders provides monthly mentoring opportunities with business leaders such as real-estate developer Rick Caruso, music mogul Steve Lobel, president of the Chamber of Commerce Steve Kramer and president of World Trade Centre Tijuana Gregory Goldstein. Through this program students can write business plans to earn a potential internship with the speaker’s company. 


Clean Green Initiative

  Clean Green Sustainable Agriculture Nutrition-Based Growing System teaches Urban Agriculture to children and families from low-income neighborhoods. We believe that the best tool for repairing the earth is to bring back agriculture into the schools and turn children into expert farmers. We have developed a teaching system where every child is given their own bucket (their farm), and a set up based on turning children into free-range farmers. With this method, they learn nature's way of growing organic, chemical-free food. The children are taught about nutrition, soil and water. Our learning system is easy to understand and is delivered via visuals, a movie, and actual field work. We teach above-ground growing since most kids we work with are from low-income neighborhoods, slums and have no place to grow a vegetable garden.



Kid Fit initiative


United States spends more than $2 trillion on health care. But only 4 cents of every dollar have gone to prevention and public health -- although we know that prevention and public health are among the best tools, we have to reduce health care spending in this country

For every dollar we invest in prevention in the US, we save $6 in projected health care costs. The Kid Fit Program is a momentous step forward in America's transformation from a sick-care system to a true health-care system, one that focuses on prevention, health promotion and wellness.

The goal of our comprehensive Kid Fit Initiative is to bring the community together and provide an unintimidating, environment for children of any age or fitness level to get out and try new types of physical activity. Alongside attendees learn about food and nutrition and meet the professionals in the industry.

The children receive free of cost physical fitness classes and food and nutrition education. Our plans for a healthy and fit nation include four key areas:

1.  Creating community environments that promote health and safety. 

2. Expanding community preventive services.

3. Helping people make healthy choices.

4.  Eliminating disparities in health care.


GIFT Medical Fund


The GIFT medical fund exists to raise financial aid and assistance to children from low income families with specific unmet needs such as medical, dental, mental health, or any other conditions for which other resources are insufficient or nonexistent. Donation received in the medical fund are pumped right back into providing medical treatment such as Cancer Care, MRI Scanning, Mental Health Screenings, Dental Exams, Physical Exams, Medical supplies, Dietary needs of patients, etc. Current cases funded by the GIFT Medical fund include Cancer, Spina Bfida and Psychiatric Care. 



Mental Health Initiative

The goal of our comprehensive mental health initiative is to make mental health therapy readily available free of cost to children from low income families affected by life altering medical conditions, mental health deterioration due to abuse and addiction. In partnership with Michel Pascal, co-author of a literary gem with his Holiness the Dalai Lama GIFT aims to bring FREE of COST mental health services to children from low income families, children with life altering medical conditions such as AIDS, Cancer and Autism, and children who are Victims of severe abuse and addiction. Through this program, the children will learn to use music to express themselves and thereby build a positive self-esteem. By combining Music and Neuroscience Techniques for Meditation the children will learn to effortlessly focuses on his or her breathing or on a meditation sound.

The program includes a free of cost application called Mind Dive the first of its kind revolutionary app that makes mental health services easy to access and free of cost to millions of people around the globe. Mind Dive combines Neuroscience Techniques for Meditation, Music, Yoga and Spiritual Documentaries thereby bringing some of the most exceptional minds of our times to your doorstep at the single click of a button - Free of Cost!


Podcasts for the Special Needs Community with Gilda Evans


 Gilda Evans, an award-nominated producer and author, and mother of a son with special needs,  created  a comprehensive resource library of podcasts for the special needs community. Its purpose is to disseminate important and useful information to those who work with or care for anyone with special needs, as well as PWSN themselves. One of the biggest problems faced by this group is not only a lack of certain resources, but also the lack of a knowledge base on how to access and use the resources that are out there. Most parents and caretakers of PWSN are forced to reinvent the wheel every time they seek answers about where to look or who to contact to resolve a particular need or problem they have. These podcasts deal with a full spectrum of topics and issues, from education, to government benefits to housing, social skills, emotional support and almost everything in-between. 


In-Kind Donations

You may also donate in-kind products and services. GIFT accepts the following in-kind products :

  1. School Supplies 
  2. Clothes
  3. Diapers
  4. Dental Kits (Tooth Brush, Paste, Floss, Mouthwash, etc.)
  5. Grooming Kits (Body Wash, Face Wash, Soap, etc..)
  6. Sanitary Napkins
  7. Medical Supplies
  8. Socks 
  9. Blankets 
  10. Baby Food Formula
  11. Pediasure
  12. Canned Food Items 
  13. Air Tickets
  14. Hotel Rooms

Email Donate@giftglobalinitiative.org for Pick Up

You may donate in-kind services. We depend on generous donations from private citizens and businesses to continue our mission delivery.  We accept your generous in-kind services including but not limited to the following:

  1. Web-Designing Services
  2. Dental Exams
  3. Physical Exams
  4.  Hair Cuts
  5. Self Defense Classes
  6. Music Classes
  7. Vocational Skills

You get the idea. If you've got it, there's a chance that we need it.

Email Donate@giftglobalinitiative.org to donate your services

Create Your Own Fundraiser | Outreach Event

There are endless ways to start a Fundraiser for GIFT. You can donate your Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook to GIFT. You can start a fundraiser on Facebook to benefit GIFT programs and services. You can plan a fundraiser and outreach event by collaborating with our team. 

Email Donate@giftglobalinitiative.org to PLAN A FUNDRAISER FOR GIFT

Matching Gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs that will double or even triple charitable contributions made by their employees. Matching gifts increase the impact of gifts from the employees. Consider adding your name to the list! If you are a business, motivate your employees to volunteer with GIFT by matching hours served with a financial donation from your company. A matching grant for an employee volunteering acts as an alternative to a matching gift program for employees who are able to donate time but not money. It also motivates employees to engage more deeply in the community through volunteer work. If you are an employee, talk to your HR about your company's matching Gifts Program to double the impact of your giving to GIFT.

Email Donate@giftglobalinitiative.org to discuss your matching gifts program

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